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The Walls Have Eyes – And Maybe Ears

Real Estate Listings and Surveillance Systems Have you ever wondered if a house you’re looking at, might also be looking at you? Well, you’re not alone. It’s a common question when it comes to real estate listings regarding home surveillance systems, or “nanny cams.” Although there is technically no legal position preventing homeowners from having their surveillance system, it can’t help but feel a little creepy to consider that the seller may potentially be watching you as you look at their home. Some homes may have signage stating that there is video/audio surveillance. However, it is not always required depending
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Frugal Family Fun in Ottawa

Frugal Family Fun in Ottawa Did you know that entertaining and enjoying time together as a family does not need to cost a lot of money? Its true-despite what parenting magazines and social media ads would like to have you believe. Yes, there are activities that cost more than others, but there are also a lot of inexpensive and even FREE activities you can do instead.  In fact there are many free options available that you may have not even known about! One example of a free & fun outing is visiting one of the many museums around the Nation’s
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